Kalama's Journey - One Mōlī's Story Among Millions

Kalama's Journey, 2018 

Telly Bronze Telly Award Winner - Non-Broadcast, Nature/Wildlife

TRT 8:47
Writer/Producer: Hob Osterlund
Executive Producers: Rosemary Rawcliffe & Carl Safina

Many of you know that in between a very busy production schedule, my favorite pastime is photographing birds.

In early 2017 I went to Kaua'i on Frame of Mind Films business and was lucky enough to extend my trip an extra day or two to spend them with Hob Osterlund and her beloved Laysan albatross. They stole my heart so it was no stretch for us to help Hob with the making of this short film.

After nearly two years of production and countless miracles, Frame of Mind Films, together with Hob (and a legion of other supporters), created this short film:

'Kalama's Journey - One Mōlī's Story Among Millions.'

When you have 8 minutes to spare, take a peek.

Special thanks to Holly Hine and Elizabeth Ray at Frame of Mind Films and to Carl Safina of The Safina Center and Charles Eldermire at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Please feel free to share!

With love and gratitude, 


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