Remembering Ama Adhe Tapontsang


Ama Adhe Tapontsang

1928 ~ 2020

Ama Adhe Tapontsang
Ama Adhe Tapontsang ~ © June Zandona

Remembering Ama Adhe Tapontsang,
who passed away August 3, 2020.
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Many of you already know that Ama Adhe was very precious to me. My crew and the many people I would take to visit her when we were shooting our other Women of Tibet films loved her too.
Over the years, on my many visits to Dharamsala, I would always make time to visit with her and her husband, Rinchen Samdup, who would make us butter tea while Ama la would sit, beaming at me and whoever else had the good fortune to be there too. Her joy at having us visit was palpable, we laughed, we cried, and always laughed some more.
 Rawcliffe 20160608 DSC9875
Ama Adhe Tapontsang and husband Rinchen Samdup ~ © Rosemary Rawcliffe
It is sad to think that she is with us no more, but my heart is full of love for her and I shall miss visiting her next time I’m in Dharamsala. Her presence will always be there and I am beyond grateful that we were able to spend the time we did together.
Ama Adhe was the star in Women of Tibet: A Quiet Revolution
After A Quiet Revolution won an EMMY®, I went to Dharamsala to show her the film in Tibetan and present her with her EMMY® Award certificate. She was thrilled that now the world would know the true story of Tibet as she had lived it.
 20091027 DSC6199 PMcCandless
 Ama Adhe Tapontsang ~ © Peter McCandless
To honor her and her life-long work for the Tibetan cause I opened a free 7 day portal of the film in English and Tibetan in August.
A Quiet Revolution Vimeo VOD in English:
I hope that by watching the film you will get to know the indomitable warrior spirit that was Ama Adhe and know that her life-long work may have been for Tibet but it was also for all humanity.
With love and gratitude,
RRSig .8.fw
and everyone at Frame of Mind Films


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