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Recently the Communist Chinese Government furthered their ongoing cultural genocide against the Tibetans by announcing that Chinese will replace Tibetan as the language of instruction in Tibetan schools by 2015.

Language forms the very foundation of any culture and, when children cease to know and speak their own tongue, they cease to be the people they were born to be and are slowly absorbed into the society oppressing them. To deny Tibetans their language is yet another tyrannical blow in the on-going cultural genocide happening in Tibet today.

Give a gift to the future of Tibet by supporting the translation of the Women of Tibet series into Tibetan.

Our goal is to give Tibetan language versions of Women Of Tibet: A Quiet Revolution and The Great Mother to hundreds of Tibetan nuns and monks, thousands of Tibetan school children, and tens of thousands of Tibetan refugees throughout the world. But first we need the funds to do so.

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