Women of Tibet in Tucson

Commemorating 100 years of International Women's Day
TUCSON, AZ - March 9, 2011
Tick tock, Tick tock went the clock. Our screening was set for seven o'clock. At twenty of seven, one of the organizers turned to me and said, "I'm worried, it's a 500 seat theater and I've had calls from several of my folks saying they can't make it after all." Not really the thing you want to hear as the filmmaker. Right? Especially when they are running both of your films back to back.
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I confess it was quite a kick (not to mention a little ironic, me being a Brit and all), looking up at the Marquee to see our films headlining Winston Churchill: Walking With Destiny, and Oscar nominees The Illusionist and Sophia Coppola's Somewhere. Yes, it was thrilling. The organizer need not have worried. The people of Tucson came in droves to celebrate 100 years of International Women's Day with us and they LOVED the films!
The intermission was full of laughter and good questions, and I was able to dedicate the screenings to ALL women of the world, especially the warrior women in the Middle East who are fighting for their liberties, and Tucson's very own warrior woman, Gabby Giffords. At that point, the audience erupted lifting the roof off with their whoops, cheers and applause. Oh, but wait, it got better.
Out of the crowd stepped a dear friend from the Bay Area who had organized a trip to visit her friend in Tucson to coincide with our screening. Better yet, she took the stage with me and made a good case for why everyone should support the work we do at Frame of Mind Films. Thank you Margery. All very intoxicating and affirming.
Thank you to everyone who helped organize such a splendid evening, and to The Loft for providing great projection and sound. A special thanks to Ramona Johnson and her board of advisors for making sure that I was invited to attend and to Bob Byars for providing me a 'home away from home.'
Most of all, my grateful thanks to everyone in Tucson who turned out to support One Global Village and Frame of Mind Films. Without you all, there would have been no evening.
Thank you!
With love and gratitude,

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